Ms J. Lockwood – Head of Department

Mrs L. Ogilvie – Progress Co-ordinator

Mrs H Rose – Progress Co-ordinator

Key Stage Three

The Art department’s aim is to promote a broad Art education at Key Stage Three for all students. Students engage with both the historical and contemporary elements of Art and produce work in a variety of media, using a range of artistic techniques. Students are encouraged to independently produce research on artists’ and designers’ work and present their findings to the rest of the class. In Year 7, students cover the formal elements of Art and study artists such as Kandinsky and Leonardo Da Vinci. In Year 8, students focus on contemporary art work looking at Street Art and artists such as Banksy and Keith Haring. Year 9 students study the art movement Surrealism from the past to the present, and produce work in a variety of contexts, media and scale.

Key Stage Four

Within Key Stage Four, students complete a two year GCSE course in Fine Art. During Year Ten. students work through a project on ‘Identity’ and produce a series of tasks building upon their skills in painting, drawing, printing and other artistic media. They are introduced to art work from different times and cultures and are expected to evaluate their own and others’ work on a regular basis. Students are also encouraged to produce extra work at home and learn to confidently use a variety of media.

Key Stage Five

During Key Stage 5, students complete a two year A Level Fine Art course (WJEC). Within the first year of the course, students are introduced to: oil painting, etching, sculpture and Art history from 1600s to the current date. Lessons vary from workshops to tutorial based learning whereby students are encouraged to work independently. Within the second year of the course, students are guided individually on their own specific journey in Art, under the tutelage of the staff within the department.

  • The Art department has entered and achieved awards in the Argus Young Artist of the year award, with Harriet Baugh achieving first place in 2015.

“I do not want ART for a few any more than education for a few, or freedom for a few.” -William Morris

“ There is always something challenging in our Art lessons…. Its good to try something new” – Abbid


Just some of the great images of students from The John Frost School.