Business Studies


Mr N Beynon – Head of Department

Mr J Rees – Associate Headteacher

Mrs L Healey – Teacher of Business Studies and Young Enterprise coordinator

Miss B Phipps – Teacher of Business Studies

Department Aims

The aims of the Business Studies and Finance Department are to promote and instil in young people the key principles and impact of effective financial management through planning, to develop an awareness of the financial services industry as a potential career path and to inspire young people as the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Key Stage Four

Students complete a two year study for two separate GCSE equivalent qualifications: Business Studies and Enterprise. They will develop their business and industry knowledge of effective marketing techniques, business finance and accounting, recruitment and effective entrepreneurship.

Throughout the course students will continue to practise and develop their literacy and numeracy skills together with a wide range of essential skills including teamwork, problem solving, numeracy and communication. This will be in preparation for their business studies and finance examinations and coursework assessment.

Key Stage Five

Learners are offered the opportunity of studying both Business Studies and Finance at level 3.

IFS Finance at level 3, is the professional qualification for those who work in the financial services industry. Through the support of experienced departmental staff, students will study and learn about many aspects of the financial services industry, including investment products, effective financial planning, issues of debt and sustainability of the industry in the ever changing global market. Business Studies students will gain knowledge and experience of the key concepts of effective marketing, communication, recruitment and key accounting principles. Students will continue to build strong literacy skills that will prepare them for higher order examination questions and coursework activities.

“The best subject I have studied, ever. I can’t believe it is not compulsory” – Kelly Chanter

“Finance really helped me to understand what the key points were in the general election of 2015” – Angharad Thomas


Just some of the great images of students from The John Frost School.