Ms L Walliker – Exams Officer

Mrs K Jones – Assistant Exams Officer

Mr I Coleman – Assistant Exams Officer

Forthcoming Examination Dates (2017/2018)

Year 9 internal examinations

Monday 27 November 2017 – Friday 1 December 2017

December 2017 mock Examinations

Monday 11 December 2017 – Tuesday 19 December 2017

January 2018 examinations

Tuesday 9 January 2018

Sixth Form internal examinations

Monday 15 January 2018 – Friday 19 January 2018

Year 8 internal examinations

Monday 5 February 2018 – Friday 9 February 2018

Year 7 internal examinations

Monday 5 March 2018 – Friday 9 March 2018

WJEC March 2018 English Entry Level examinations

Monday 12 March 2018

Year 10 internal examinations

Monday 19 March 2018 – Friday 23 March 2018

Summer 2017 examinations

Tuesday 8 May 2018 – Friday 22 June 2018

Student Examination Timetables

Individual student examination timetables will be issued to all students taking external examinations as soon as they are confirmed, and copies will also be posted home to all parents.

The timetables will specify the following information:

●Student name,

●Student exam number,

●Examination subject,

●Examination tier (if applicable),

●Date and time of examinations,

●Examination room,

●Examination seating number,

Students must check that all personal details are correct on their examination timetable, including the correct spelling of names and the correct date of birth, as these are the details which will appear on the final certificates.

It is easier to rectify mistakes at this stage, rather than after final certificates have been printed.


Examination Certificate Collection

All certificates for examinations achieved are sent directly to the school. Certificates achieved by students up to and during Year 11 are held securely until those students’ Key Stage 4 studies are completed. All certificates will then be available to students in the January following the completion of Year 11. However if students do not wish to leave their certificates in our safekeeping, collection can be requested beforehand from the Examinations Office.

Students who have returned to Sixth Form will therefore be advised when the certificates are ready, and a time will be arranged for students to check and sign for their certificates. Students who have left school will need to come back into the school in person, to collect and sign for their certificates. If someone else is collecting certificates for an ex-student, they will need written authority from that ex-student to do this.

Once certificates have been collected, replacement certificates for any subsequently lost or misplaced can usually be requested from the relevant exam board but, due to Data Protection, this must be done directly by the student, and each exam board will normally charge a fee for this service.

Important Examination Information for Candidates

Regulations for the conduct of examinations and assessment, relating to all the main awarding bodies, are overseen by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ).

All candidates need to be aware of the following regulations:

These can also be found in the examination guidance menu of the website.

Results Dates

Exam results will be available to students on the dates shown below:

November 2017 GCSEs – Thursday 11 January 2018

January 2018 GCSEs – Thursday 8 March 2018

March 2018 WJEC Entry Level examinations –  Thursday 5 July 2018

Summer 2018 (A Levels and all other KS5 qualifications) – Thursday 16 August 2018

Summer 2018 (GCSEs and all other KS4 qualifications) – Thursday 23 August 2018

During term time, results will be distributed to Form Groups during morning registration. Any results not collected during morning registration will be available for collection later at Main Reception.

Further details regarding the collection of results during August 2018 will be available closer to the time.



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