GEMS (Gwent Education Minority-Ethnic Service)


Ilona Dziedzic – Achievement Team Leader (Polish Speaker)

Vicky Jones – Teacher

Kornelia Prohaszka – Bilingual Teaching Assistant (Hungarian Speaker)

Irina Belskaya – Bilingual Teaching Assistant (Russian Speaker)

Eugenia Dolinskaya – Bilingual Teaching Assistant (Russian Speaker)

Sam Ahmed – Bilingual Teaching Assistant (Bengali Speaker)

Lawrence Chung – Bilingual Teaching Assistant (Chinese Speaker)

Mukhtar Malal – Bilingual Teaching Assistant (Pushto, Dari, Farsi and Urdu Speaker)

Ismail Sheikh – Bilingual Teaching Assistant (Arabic and French Speaker)

Creuosa Alessandrini – Bilingual Teaching Assistant (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French Speaker)

Denise Iglesias – Bilingual Teaching Assistant (Spanish and Portuguese Speaker)

Elena Popa – Bilingual Teaching Assistant (Romanian Speaker)

Luiza Turcu – Teacher (Romanian Speaker)

About GEMS

GEMS (Gwent Education Minority-ethnic Service) supports Newport pupils whose first language is not English or Welsh by working closely with schools and parents to help students improve their English language skills.

GEMS provides:

  • Advice, support and guidance on race equality for schools and governing bodies,
  • Bilingual assessments to establish language support requirements,
  • Home visits to ensure that good communications between parents and the school are established. Essential school information is passed to parents in their home language and their concerns and questions are passed back to the school.

Interpretation and Translating Service

GEMS can help with interpretation and translation in the main community languages of Newport.

All forms of public service interpreting and translating are undertaken at competitive rates using a team of accredited translators and interpreters who are fully qualified and DBS checked.

Languages available are Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, French, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish.

Email for further information.

Further Information

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For further information email or telephone:

  • (01633) 851502
  • (01633) 851504
  • (01633) 851505