Mr H Breese – Head of Department

Mrs M Downton – Teacher of Geography

Mr J Cranshaw – Teacher of Geography

Department Aims

We are committed to providing our students lessons which inspire them to understand the amazing world we live in. We want students to develop a range of transferable skills that will help them achieve success in the future. The Geography department at The John Frost School provides a variety of opportunities from Year 7 to 11 to both develop an understanding of our dynamic planet and also to inspire our young people as future citizens, academics, decision makers and travellers. This is more important in today’s world than it has ever been.


Key Stage Three

We thrive on how our young Geographers bring their ideas from Primary School and how excited they are to share and discuss, and to build upon basic concepts. We are also amazed by their ability to research and discover, as they use new resources. In order to foster this enthusiasm throughout Key Stage 3 and beyond we teach a variety of topics in order to develop students’ understanding of the world they live in.

Key Stage Four

At Key Stage 4, students who choose to take Geography as an option will be following the WJEC Geography course. WJEC Geography develops and extends students’ knowledge of locations, places, environments and processes, at a range of different scales. GCSE study is an enquiry approach to the study of geographical information, issues and concepts. Throughout the course we study a variety of engaging geographical concepts such as coasts and climate change.

WJEC GCSE Geography Specification 

Key Stage Five

At A level we also follow the WJEC syllabus. It is a four unit course taught over two years. The specification encourages students to understand a global world, its complex challenges such as climate change , shifts in economic power, poverty and deprivation and sustainability

WJEC AS/A Level Specification

“ Geography helps me understand what’s going on in the world and the processes that have shaped the world that we live in. We learn about inequality and how our actions affect our planet “ Tom Lynbeck


Just some of the great images of students from The John Frost School.