Mr D Perkins – Head of Department

Miss D Pace – Progress Coordinator (Sixth From)/Teacher of History

Mrs Roach – Teacher of History

Key Stage Three

In Year 7, students follow a scheme of learning from the 11th Century and the Norman Conquest and its impact on England and Wales. They will study developments such as the building of castles, the Black Death and the importance of religion.

In Year 8, students study the Tudors and slavery focusing on the developments that shaped the world we live in, for example the Reformation and the abolition movement.

In Year 9 , students study the mystery of Jack the Ripper and learn about the conditions in London in the 1800s and how they helped Jack commit and get away with his crimes. They also study World War One and complete their Key Stage 3 studies by investigating days that changed the world.

Key Stage Four

Students undertake a two year course for their History GCSE which is comprised of four units, each contributing 25% to the overall qualification. In Year 10, students will study Germany in Transition 1919-1947 and War, Depression and Recovery in Wales and England 1931-1950. They are examined on these units in the summer of Year 10 with the option of resitting one or both in the summer of Year 11.

In Year 11, students will complete two pieces of controlled assessment focussing on the First World War. Once complete, learners will study The Development of the USA 1930-2000. They will be examined on this in the summer of Year 11.

The links below include a step by step guides to completing these new exams and should be used to aid with revision:

A step by step guide to the Britain paper.

A step by step guide to the new Germany paper.

Key Stage Five

At AS Level, students follow a European and British unit. The European unit focuses on Germany, Italy, Russia and international relations c. 1905-1990. The exam for this unit is essay based. The British unit focuses on developments in Britain from 1900-1918. The exam for this unit is source based. There is an option to resit one or both of these unit in the summer of Year 13.

In Year 13, students will undertake an independent study of roughly 4000 words which focuses on a historical controversy and allows analysis and evaluation of various interpretations. They will also study a unit on Britain from 1918-1939, and will study a further unit on 17th Century Britain. All units are equally weighted.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

  • Trips to Berlin, Belgium and London.


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