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Lily Gray

Joel Thomas

Hannah Smith

Calvin Bang

Bradley Cox

Najam Ul Hada

Charlie Bowley

Aysha Zain

Ben Davies

Liana Hopkins

Ella Deakin

Basola Oketiken

Chelsie Price

Shafi Azad

Michael Do


Miss L Sharpe

Mr L Morgan

About Us

The School Council is an integral and extremely valuable part of our school community. Its purpose is to provide a structured forum for consultation and discussion on school issues particularly those affecting students and teaching and learning.  It is a major player in helping to shape the direction and future development of the school.

The council is run by the students themselves, supported by the school. The joint chairs are students from the 6th form and the Council has elected to it a male and female representative from each year group.

Meetings are held frequently, at least once a month per academic year, and staff may be invited to attend when items under discussion are relevant to them.

The Council provides regular feedback to the Leadership group and the Council are often consulted by the Leadership Group for their point of view.

Student Voice is now being actively encouraged within the Personalised Learning Agenda and our learning coach Pam Harrison meets with KS4 and Year 12 Welsh Baccalaureate students at least once per half term. The school seeks to develop effective working relationships with students in order to further improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Students play an active role in the appointment of new teaching staff and the student body has been represented at full governor meetings by the Head Boy and Head Girl.

Student council members from Year 9 have taken part in an exchange programme with two other schools and the venture has proven both informative, thought provoking and enjoyable.


Just some of the great images of students from The John Frost School.