Transition to Year 7


The transition from primary to secondary school is an important stepping stone in every child’s life. They will often have been at the same school since nursery or reception and are used to having one teacher who teaches and looks after them for most of the day. This all changes when they get to Year 7 and many children as well as their parents, are worried about them settling in to life at secondary school.

We do all we can at The John Frost School to ensure that your child makes the transition from primary to secondary school smoothly.

Cluster Working

We have very strong links with our cluster primary schools; Pillgwenlly Primary, Duffryn Juniors, Clytha Primary, Glasllwch Primary, St Woolos Primary, Maesglas Primary and Gaer Primary. We are in regular contact with the Headteachers and teachers of all of our cluster schools to share good practice and ensure we are all preparing our students adequately for life outside of school when they eventually leave us. We work together to not only offer the pupils opportunities to take part in a range of activities to ensure they are familiar with The John Frost School (such as our music project in association with Upbeat; our Olympics Experience Day; our English and Maths Masterclasses and our regular taster and transition days), but to also ensure that we share information about pupils so that we know them really well before they even start their first day of Year 7.

When Your Child Arrives in Year 7

Your child will be looked after by their form tutor, who they will see every morning for AM and PM registration. All of the form tutors are overseen by a Head of Year, who we refer to as their Progress Coordinator. There will also be a member of the Leadership Team allocated to look after the Year 7 pupils and their teachers. You will hopefully find that your child settles quickly into life at The John Frost School, joining in with clubs and making new friends, enjoying all of the facilities we have to offer, both at lesson times and during extra curricular activities. Our Open Evening in September is an ideal time to come and look around our school, but we are also happy to provide personal tours for parents who would like them. Please contact main reception to arrange this.

“Entering high school as a Year 7 has been an amazing experience. I have made many new friends from different schools and have enjoyed the wide range of lessons. It’s been great to have so many new opportunies.” Seb Bamford—7SUE


Just some of the great images of students from The John Frost School.