We are very proud of our reputation for excellent uniform and all students should be wearing full uniform at all times. The uniform is available from Trutex via their website (http://www.trutex.com/) and their shop in town in Cambrian Road.


For girls either grey tights or knee high grey socks are acceptable to wear with the uniform.

Black shoes only. No kind of training shoe is acceptable or shoes with Velcro straps that look like training shoes.

Jewellery (other than studs in the ear) is not allowed for health and safety reasons – this includes piercings.

Extreme haircuts are not allowed. The same applies to brightly dyed hair. The Headteacher has the final say on this matter.

Students can wear their own coats but these should be black and only contain a small logo.

Students are only permitted to wear grey trousers that meet the exact requirements of the schools uniform policy. No other colour, including black, is acceptable.

School Bags - These should be dark, fairly plain and fit for purpose i.e. big enough to carry all equipment. They should not be bright/logoed fashion accessories.



Just some of the great images of students from The John Frost School.