Year 10


Miss D Pace – Progress Coordinator (Year 10)

Mr S Miles (10SAM) – Form Tutor

Mrs J Hyde (10 JAH) – Form Tutor

Mr J Cranshaw (10JAC) – Form Tutor

Miss L Collingwood (10LAC) – Form Tutor

Miss A Gronow (10ALG) – Form Tutor

Miss H Cochrane (10HAC) – Form Tutor

Mrs J Davies (10HER) – Form Tutor

About Year 10

Year 10 is the first year of Key Stage 4 and GCSE courses. All students will have chosen their academic path and along with the core subjects of English, mathematics, science, religious studies and Welsh, will embark on their final stage of compulsory education. Students are supported in many ways but are also encouraged to be independent and are taught key skills to ensure they are equipped for their futures. In Year 10, students will have their first real taste of GCSE examination, coursework deadlines and controlled assessments. Working as a team, students and staff members collaborate to facilitate the best possible outcomes in preparation for the final year.

Year 10 students are tracked monthly so that any issues or concerns are highlighted at the earliest possible opportunity enabling us to provide help and support quickly to ensure a smooth transition from Key Stage 3!


All Year 10 students are expected to attend school a minimum of 95% of the time. At the end of each Half Term, every student in Year 10 will receive a Student Attendance Statement detailing their individual attendance percentage. The school Attendance Officer must be contacted whenever a student is absent from school on 01633 654111. Maintaining 95% attendance is essential if a student is to realise their potential academically. For more information on School Attendance, please follow this link.

Home School Contact

It is essential that all parents ensure that the school has accurate home and emergency contact details for their child. For all queries regarding a Year 10 student, please contact Miss Pace on 01633 654100.

Key Dates in 2017

  • Wednesday 20th December – Year 10 Reports to Parents
  • Monday 19th March – Year 10 Internal Exams begin
  • Wednesday 9th May – Year 10 Parents’ Evening

“Exam preparation and coursework is very scary. Can’t believe I have one year left but really want to work hard for my GCSE’s”


Just some of the great images of students from The John Frost School.