Year 11

Progress Coordinator

Mrs H Rose


Mrs S Marasco (11SJM) – Form Tutor

Mr S Miles (11SAM) – Form Tutors

Mr J Cranshaw (11JAC) – Form Tutors

Miss H Cochrane (11HAC) – Form Tutor

Miss L Collingwood (11LAC) – Form Tutor

Mrs A Gronow-Brown (11ALG) – Form Tutor

Mrs N Morgan (11NJM) – Form Tutor

About Year 11

Year 11 is the most important school year and maintaining an excellent attendance record is vital to academic success. Students’ academic performance is monitored and tracked by Form Tutors, Heads of Department and Progress Coordinators. Predicted grades are completed on a monthly basis by staff and intervention strategies are implemented to support students. Parental Consultation Evenings take place in Year 11 for all subject areas as well as a specific English and Maths evening. Information, progress and strategies are shared and discussed in departments. These strategies include lunchtime and after school revision sessions, specific English and Maths targeting and mentoring, as well as revision techniques during form periods. Students celebrate their successes, culminating at the end of the Summer Term, with their Record Of Achievement Ceremony and Prom.


All Year 11 students are expected to attend school a minimum of 95% of the time. At the end of each Term, students attend their key stage rewards assembly to celebrate Attendance successes both individually and on a form basis. The school Attendance Officer must be contacted whenever a student is absent from school on 01633 654111. Maintaining 95% attendance is essential if a student is to realise their potential academically and achieve GCSE grades. For more information on School Attendance, please follow this link.

Home School Contact

It is essential that all parents ensure that the school has accurate home and emergency contact details for their child. For all queries regarding a Year 11 student, please contact Mrs Rose on 01633 654100.

Key Dates in 2018/19

  • Tuesday 19th February – Key Stage 4 Attendance Assembly
  • Monday 4th March – Inset Day
  • Friday 12th April -Key Stage 4 Attendance Assembly
  • Friday 25th May – Key Stage 4 Attendance Assembly
  • Friday 21st June – ROA and Prom
  • Friday 12th July – Key Stage 4 Attendance Assembly
  • Friday 19th July – Last Day of Term (Lessons finish at 3:20pm)

My teachers gave me so much support in Year 11 and I can’t believe how well I did!


Just some of the great images of students from The John Frost School.