Year 13


Mr C Shinton – Head of Sixth Form

Mr J Underwood – Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Mrs S Roach (13SBR) – Form Tutor

Mrs J Hyde (13JAH) – Form Tutor


About Year 13

Brief overview of Year 13

In Year 13, students will need to be able to study at least two subjects alongside the Welsh Baccalaureate. Therefore Year 13 students must either obtain at least 2 E grades in AS examinations or be on track to pass two BTEC subjects to continue on with their studies.

All Year 12 Welsh Baccalaureate work will also need to be completed to a pass standard for students to return. To support our students fully during Year 13 we continue to offer extensive advice in the form of mentoring and guidance from our pastoral team, our subject experts and also from external advisors.

Brief overview of how and when progress is measured

Progress is monitored throughout the academic year and there will be regular reports to parents keeping them informed of how their child is progressing.


All Year 13 students are expected to attend school a minimum of 96% of the time. At the end of each Half Term, every student in Year 13 will receive a Student Attendance Statement detailing their individual attendance percentage. The school Attendance Officer must be contacted whenever a student is absent from school on 01633 654111. Maintaining 96% attendance is essential if a student is to realise their potential academically. For more information on School Attendance, please follow this link.

Home School Contact

It is essential that all parents ensure that the school has accurate home and emergency contact details for their child. For all queries regarding a Year 13 student, please contact Miss Pace on 01633 654100.

Key Dates in 2018

  • Friday 6th September – Year 12/13 Induction Day
  • Thursday 9th January – Year 12/13 Parents Evening
  • Thursday 6th February – Y12/13 Pathways Evening
  • Thursday 21st May – Last day of Year 13 teaching
  • Friday 22nd May – Y13 Record of Achievement Ceremony


Just some of the great images of students from The John Frost School.