Year 8

Progress Coordinator

Miss R Tregembo


Miss H Taylor-Williams/Mrs D Edwards (8HTW) – Form Tutor

Mrs L Mills (8LXM) – Form Tutor

Dr P Perkins (8PSP) – Form Tutor

Mrs T Nicholas (8TCN) – Form Tutor

Miss R Humphries (8REH) – Form Tutor

Mr R McAndrew (8RJM) – Form Tutor

Miss M Chard (8MLC) – Form Tutor

About Year 8

The focus in Year 8 is for students to continue to build upon their skills, positivity and success; embedding this into all curriculum areas. As a year group, we aspire to be the best in all aspects of school life and encourage students to follow the school motto; Carpe-Diem. There will be many amazing opportunities both inside and outside of school and we hope that your son/daughter will seize these fully.

This year will be a challenging year for our Year 8 students. We expect every student to work to the best of their ability, providing exceptional work and demonstrating excellent standards of behaviour. Year 8 have a supportive tutor team who are committed to tracking student progress, celebrating success both academically and socially. This will be a three way partnership between staff, students and parents, focusing on academic progress, attendance, respect and pride in ourselves and others.


All Year 8 students are expected to attend school a minimum of 95% of the time. At the end of each Half Term, every student in Year 8 will receive a Student Attendance Statement detailing their individual attendance percentage. The school Attendance Officer must be contacted whenever a student is absent from school on 01633 654111. Maintaining 95% attendance is essential if a student is to realise their potential academically. For more information on School Attendance, please follow this link.

Home School Contact

It is essential that all parents ensure that the school has accurate home and emergency contact details for their child. For all queries regarding a Year 8 student, please contact Miss Tregembo on 01633 654100.

Key Dates in 2018/19

  • Monday 21st January – Year 8 Internal Exams
  • Monday 4th February – Options Week
  • Thursday 14th February – Year 8 Options and Parents’ Evening
  • Monday 18th February – Key Stage 3 Attendance Assembly
  • Monday 4th March – Inset Day
  • Friday 8th March – Eisteddfod
  • Thursday 11th April – Key Stage 3 Attendance Assembly
  • Thursday 23rd May – Key Stage 3 Attendance Assembly
  • Thursday 11th July – Key Stage 3 Attendance Assembly
  • Friday 28th June – Inset Day
  • Thursday 16th July Year 8 Family Assembly


Just some of the great images of students from The John Frost School.